The Lilley Family

Hi! My name is Matthew Lilley

I am serving as the US National Director for Burn 24-7, a global Christian worship, prayer and missions organization. I also lead our local worship & prayer furnace in Raleigh, NC. I am a musician, songwriter, and worship leader.

Presence Pioneer

Over the last fifteen years I have helped pioneer and lead multiple Christian ministries centered on hosting God’s presence in cities through worship, prayer & outreach – 6:22, The Boiler Room, Burn 24-7 Greenville, and Presence Pioneers. Hence the web site title and URL, As a presence pioneer, I’ve learned to work through the challenges or funding & administrating these unique ministry expressions.

How Can I Help?

My hope is to develop this web site so that I can either:

1) provide resources that help you do what God has called you to do – through the blog and resources

2) offer myself to serve you in a way that my calling & strengths compliment yours – through my services