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With nearly 20 years of worship leading experience, I want to provide encouraging and helpful resources and articles for worshipers, worship leaders, musicians and singers


I founded/directed a house of prayer for seven years and served for years as a full-time intercessor - I want to help you grow in prayer and lead enjoyable prayer

Funding Ministry

With over a decade of experience raising support and funding missions, I want to help you find the funds and resources to support your calling and ministry vision

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Some of my teachings to encourage and equip you in your walk with God and in your ministry leadership!

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Blow The Trumpet: Cutting Through the Hype

I really do not like hype. I do not like exaggeration. I have been in the Church & ministry world long enough now to have experienced quite a bit of it. I have heard the overstatements and inflated stats and exaggerated stories.

Funding Ministry

“The God Ask” Book Review

The God Ask is both an inspirational book, a theological book and a practical training manual for those who are raising support. Steve rightly fills up quite a few pages dealing with the mental challenges and misunderstandings that sidetrack missionaries and ministries from becoming fully funded.