I began leading worship as a teenager in youth group and now have nearly 20 years of worship leading experience, with venues ranging from small group settings, to houses of prayer, to church services to large conference events. I would be honored to serve you as a worship leader.

Here are a few considerations as we consider working together in this way…

  • If you are considering inviting me, I encourage you to check out the music playlist on Youtube, which gives a better feel for the sound and style of my worship leading.
  • I do not have a budget to travel, so the host must cover all traveling expenses such as gas/flight and hotel.
  • I do not have a set/minimum honorarium. Please pray about it, and give as God leads you.
  • At this time, I do not have a band readily available to travel with me. So leading worship with a full band requires a bit more work for me. It may also require that I pay musicians in order to get a quality team. Please factor that into your event budget.
  • I will give preference to events hosted by those with whom I already have a relationship, particularly events hosted by those in the “prayer movement” such as Burn 24-7 furnaces and houses of prayer.

Worship Leading Request Form

Please fill out the form below to begin the discussion on how I can possibly serve you as a worship leader.