I would be happy to come and speak or teach at your event. I have been teaching the Bible since becoming a youth leader in my early 20s, at which point my pastor also began to allow me to preach some at Sunday morning services. After receiving my bachelor’s degree in Biblical studies, I really began to cultivate my teaching gift during the seven years we led the Boiler Room. You can check out my MP3 Messages or my Youtube channel to hear more of the style and substance with which I speak and teach. I have found myself to be more of teacher than a motivational preacher or evangelist. I thrive best in helping existing believers go deeper in God and strengthen their biblical foundations.

Here are a few suggestions on how I might serve you best as a speaker or teacher…

Church Service or Conference Speaker

Biblical topics I am most prepared to cover are relationship/intimacy with God, worship, prayer, intercession, fasting, the tabernacle of David, convergence of prayer & missions, 24/7 worship & prayer, the Father’s love, the kingdom of God, fivefold ministry and prophetic ministry.

Spirit-Led Worship Training

Training for worship leaders, musicians and singers on how to move beyond just playing songs and grow in Spirit-led worship. Includes developing musical and spiritual foundations, biblical basis for spirit-led worship, flowing with God as a band, plus practicals & activation of spontaneous and prophetic worship. This requires a minimum of two hours, and something closer to four hours is better. Ideal setting would be a Saturday workshop in a city or with a church’s worship department.

The Prayer Movement

There are now 20,000 24/7 prayer groups across the earth. I love to share about the modern phenomenon of day & night prayer. I share a historic perspective, a biblical perspective and a prophetic perspective on what God is doing and WHY. This material can cover anywhere from 1-4 hours.

Harp & Bowl Training

I am experienced in helping houses of prayer and worship teams develop the harp & bowl model of worship & prayer developed by IHOP-KC. This training teaches how to facilitate worship-based prayer meetings that are sustainable, biblical. enjoyable and prophetic. Can be done in a large or small groups. A minimum of two hours is needed.

Speaking/Teaching Request Form

Please fill out the form below to begin the discussion on how I can possibly serve you as a speaker or teacher. Please note that all hosts would be required to cover travel expenses, any necessary lodging and some kind of honorarium/offering as God leads.