Our Partnership Team

In 2007, I quit my job to enter into full-time ministry, following God’s voice, but not knowing practically how I would pay my bills in the coming months. Since that time, I have experienced supernatural provision through simple, natural acts of generosity from other believers like you.

I am serving Burn 24-7 as US National Director and leading the local Raleigh, NC furnace. Our missions is to connect, equip and plant worship & prayer communities. Our ministry work with Burn 24-7 is only possible due to our partnership team – generous friends & family like you who partner with our ministry by providing prayer and monthly financial support.

One of our biggest needs is committed monthly partners, and we always welcome any gift of any amount. Our partnership teams receives our monthly ministry newsletter update (and others who want to stay updated).

Is Raising Support Biblical?

While it may seem odd to raise financial support to do specialized missionary ministry work, it is based on the leading of God in my life and a solid biblical foundation. The following articles may help you see “raising support” as a Bible-based approach to full-time ministry.

Tentmaking vs. Support-Raising: Which is the Biblical Model?

Jesus: Did He Really Live on Personal Support?

How To Give

Give Online

I am currently serving as a missionary with Burn 24-7. The simplest way to give is through Burn 24-7’s online giving through their web site using your debit/credit card. You can set up monthly or one-time gifts. In the “Reason” box on the donate page, you must put “US National Director” in order for it to be processed correctly. If you have any trouble, let me know.


Give By Check Through Mail

You may also mail checks to Burn 24-7, P.O. Box 1833 Port Orchard, Wa 98366. It is vital that you memo the checks with “US National Director” so that funds are processed correctly.

Burn 24-7 Inc. is a registered non-profit 501c3 organization with tax deduction benefits.