Note: This article was originally written on February 6, 2011. It has been slightly updated and serves as part 4 of a series of articles on the Prayer Movement

We appreciate all that God is doing in His diverse body, and we want to be able to learn from those have gone before us or do things better than we do. Below are three major 24/7 prayer & worship movements that have influenced us in some way. You will see diversity even among those who are pursuing day and night prayer.

Note: The statements about these ministries are generalities. Please visit these ministries’ web sites or go to one of their events for a clearer picture of their ministries. We want to honor all of these and the way God has used them to impact our ministry.

Comparison Chart

IHOP-KC 24-7 Prayer Burn 24-7
Year Founded 1999 1999 2006
Founder/Leader Mike Bickle Pete Greig Sean Feucht
Slogan “24/7 worship and prayer, and 24/7 works of justice” “Prayer, Justice and Mission” “Contend. Worship. Blaze”
Worship Format Harp & Bowl Intercessory Worship Individual prayer shifts 24-100hr Burns of Worship
Prayer Room Style Band on stage and rows of chairs Creative and interactive. No stage area. Open space and some creative arts elements
Probably Reading Revelation or Song of Songs The Gospels Acts or OT Prophets
Emphasis Intimacy and End-Times Community, creativity, justice and mission Prophetic worship and supernatural gifts
Key Book Growing in Prayer Red Moon Rising Fire and Fragrance

  • IHOP-KC started 24/7 worship in September 1999. Slogan: “24/7 prayers for justice with 24/7 works of justice”.
  • They were founded by Mike Bickle, who has a strong teaching gift. His web site has thousands of free teachings and IHOPU is a full-blown university.
  • They have full bands/worship teams that are singing and prayer non-stop. They use an original “harp & bowl” model of worship and prayer that includes antiphonally singing Bible passages as prayers. There are three large harp & bowl manuals.
  • They are a very large “missions base” with thousands of people (staff, interns, students, others) who are involved in their community there.
  • You would probably hear them reading from Revelation or Song of Songs.
  • Their prayer room is plain with a stage and rows of chairs. It looks like a typical evangelical church sanctuary – this is try to focus people on the Scripture and on God Himself. Up until the last few years you would rarely see any expression (dancing, clapping, etc.) when you watched the prayer room web stream. Usually people are sitting in chairs with their eyes closed and a Bible in their lap.
  • Their emphasis is on intimacy with Jesus and end-times. They believe 24/7 prayer is hastening Jesus’ return. His return will be the ultimate justice God desires as well as the full manifestation of the intimacy that we (the Bride) desire with Jesus (the Bridegroom).

  • 24-7 Prayer also started in 1999. Slogan: “Prayer, Mission and Justice”
  • Their launch was accidental as Pete Greig started a 24-7 prayer week with his church in the UK. The idea exploded across Europe and now the world. Pete tells the story in his book Red Moon Rising (and the follow up Dirty Glory).
  • They emphasize learning, but you won’t hear much formal teaching. They would prefer you learn in community from shared experiences and storytelling.
  • They organize with temporary 24-7 prayer weeks/months where individuals sign up for one-hour shifts to fill the calendar. When these 24-7 prayer rooms begin to develop into ongoing communities, they call them Boiler Rooms (they tell the Boiler Room story in the book Punk Monk).
  • You would probably hear them reading from the Gospels
  • Their prayer rooms are diverse, creative and artistic. Lots of prayer stations, artwork and interactive elements. There is no space for live worship or bands, usually just a CD player.
  • Their emphasis is on prayer, mission and community. They like urban prayer rooms in rough parts of town, homeless people, goths, skater kids and artists.

  • Burn 24-7 was launched in 2006 from spontaneous, all-night dorm-room worship gatherings at Oral Roberts University. Slogan: “Contend. Worship. Blaze.”
  • They are led by Sean Feucht, a young prophetic worship leader who share a lot of the Burn 24-7 stories in his book Fire and Fragrance.
  • They launch prayer rooms starting with monthly Burns that last 24-100 hours, with non-stop live worship. They have a less distinctive style or format, and the Burn atmospheres vary depending on the geographic location and even the particular worship leader that happens to be playing. It would not be unusual to see quite a few different kinds of instruments and musical styles in one Burn.
  • They have specialized training such as worship schools, and they take multiple overseas missions trips every year.
  • They would probably be reading the Old Testament prophets or the book of Acts.
  • They emphasize the power of prophetic worship, supernatural gifts and intercession to transform the spiritual atmosphere of regions and cities. You will hear them discuss the Tent of David a lot. They are known to “burn” in public places or strategic locations as part of their missions strategy for areas.
  • Their missions emphasis is international. They plant prayer furnaces of worship. Sean travels all over the world constantly – starting “blazes” on Burn weekends with hopes of seeing 24/7 worship emerge.


Amanda · March 8, 2013 at 4:26 pm

Thank you for this! Excellent info about all the different 24/7 worship & prayer movement “flavors” – I’m thankful to have discovered this today and the excellent way you organized this. As someone called to the prayer movement and longing for it to grow in my area, I was glad to have the differences between these explained more thoroughly and plan to share this with some friends as well! Thank you again!

    Matthew Lilley · September 5, 2013 at 9:30 pm

    Awesome! Glad it could help.

LOVEWAR · September 25, 2013 at 1:05 pm

Helped a lot. Thank you sir! I’ve recently been looking much into IHOP and love what they got going on over there. The United Pursuit and Jonanthan David Helser pointed me to the boiler rooms and a friend of mine referred me to Sean Feucht. This payer movement is so much bigger than I think. God’s coming in power! Praise Him!

Michael Thorsby · March 1, 2014 at 9:53 am

Thanks brother! Let’s keep this train moving! God is so awesome and He uses some of the most random people and circumstances!

Sara DeMeulenaere · October 21, 2017 at 9:03 pm

Within the scope of antiquity, the course of all prayer and worship routines were laying the foundations of transforming the mind, body and spirit man in a manner that would open the heavenly realms to recieve discernment, healing, understanding and transforming conceptual wisdom……Once that realm is tapped, recurrent repetition of such forms of worship continue to push away darkness and usher in enlightenment that brings the spiritual awareness into a higher place of discernment over a greater region and and not just over one man….. !
In the monastic community lifestyles of history, solitude and prayer, with the reading of the word and worship in music was applied much in the same manner…but with an emphasis on a constant sustaining routine….! Dedication to that system and commitment to stand in the place of intercession always lifts the spirit man into a place of communion with the creator that others may never be called into…!
The monastic community will flow back into prominence as the atmosphere over communities starts to filter into the heavenly realms…thus more intercession will bring more freedom and healing to a region…therefore more creativity, productivity, social justice and divine alignment will be felt and the living of Kingdom positioning will grow into prominence in the community of believers and extended governing sectors of those communities…!!

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