The album Sing Louder is an album dripping with the oil of the Holy Spirit. I have decided to write a review, even though it came out a year ago, because I just stumbled across it. These twelve songs were written and recorded by Caleb Andrews, a full-time intercessory missionary at the International House of Prayer in Atlanta who spends 20+ hours each week in worship, prayer, Scriptures and ministry to the Lord.

While Caleb seems unconcerned with promoting himself (I can not find any kind of Facebook page or notable online presence), I think many of these songs would be sung throughout the country if they had more exposure. This is a deep, rich worship album!

The Music

On a musical level, it fails to explore a lot of new territory. The style is a pretty standard acoustic-based pop/rock that would feel at home in most American houses of prayer or (white) churches. However, the somewhat predictable musicality actually does well to serve the songs, and it is fairly easy to enter into worship even on the first listen. There are a few creative musical moments, such as the unusual rhythm on the chorus of “Prisoner Here”, but even then the songs stay accessible. This album does exactly what worship music should do – it does not cause you to love the music but to love Jesus.

Here is one of my favorite songs called “Paid It All”:

The Lyrics

The depth of the devotion in Caleb’s lives is reflected in the depth of this album. The lyrics are rich with Scripture yet personal in the way you would expect from someone who spend hours in prayer on a daily basis. The core truths of the Gospel and the person of Jesus are central themes, and he rarely varies from these topics of simple devotion to Christ. However, rather than becoming repetitive and shallow, it allows the songs to dig deep into the glories of the blood of Jesus, the cross, the Resurrection, the kingdom and the sufficiency of Jesus.

“Your wounds are the entrance You have provided
For those who’ve been captive to find a new life
All the hell-bound and hurting, the broken and dirty
Lord that’s how You found me and oh how You’ve changed me!”
From the song “My Offering”

It has been a while since I listened to an album and immediately felt so drawn into a place of worship. I would highly recommend getting Sing Louder for your personal worship times. For worship leaders, there are numerous songs that would be fantastic congregational songs – maybe it will even cause your church to sing louder!

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