“Matthew Lilley has been a rock of faithfulness, diligence and integrity in living out and calling others to the DNA of worship, prayer and missions for years! The BURN 24-7 community deeply loves, respects and honors his role as a leader in our community and voice within the movement!”  

Sean Feucht, Founder/Director, Burn 24-7


14435215_10207230575470422_6296275501682121060_o“Over the last four years, I have had the privilege to work alongside Matthew Lilley.  His passion for revival and seeing Jesus lifted up is incredible. Matthew is a pioneer. His calling to mobilize prayer leaders is unique, but unbelievably fruitful!  He has been given grace from Jesus to build day and night prayer all over the Carolina’s as well as the nation. His character speaks for itself.  His family loves and supports his efforts. Therefore, it is my delight to highly recommend and fully endorse Matthew Lilley and his pursuit to see an entire region filled with day and night prayer unto Jesus, our great King.”

Pastor Michael Thornton, Outreach Pastor Global River Church,  Founder/Director Ignite Ministries Inc., Wilmington, NC



“Matthew Lilley is an amazing friend, encouraging leader, and a God sent blessing to the Carolinas. He has spent years building prayer in Eastern North Carolina and has inspired many expressions of prayer and worship throughout the state. I’ve known Matthew for years and have been personally blessed by seeing his love and passion for Jesus. It’s a joy and honor to run in partnership with Matthew to see revival awakening spread throughout the Carolinas and the Southeast.”

Niko Peele, Founder/Director, Ignite Movement, Raleigh, NC


1934519_1106864476779_4732854_n-1I can confidently and highly endorse Matthew Lilley’s leadership in the development of the North Carolina 24-7 worship and prayer movement.  I have known Matthew over 3 years and have been personally involved with him  in many worship/prayer events, most of which he coordinated, and many where he collaborated with other ministries.  I have assisted Matthew with Burn Greenville events,  the Boiler Room, and the East Carolina Prayer Furnace for the past year, where we have spent nine hours weekly in the prayer room, primarily in Harp & Bowl worship and intercession. Matthew is very organized, dependable, highly motivated, and strongly anointed in the call of God to pioneer NC 24-7 worship and prayer.  I can attest to his strong theological foundations, as we have spent many hours discussing biblical truths, along with many hours sitting under his teaching of worship and prayer related studies.  Along with solid leadership and organizational abilities, Matthew also has impressive practical prayer room skills as a musician, worship leader, and intercessor.  Most importantly, Matthew exhibits a genuine love for God, spending hours weekly in His Presence, bears the personal fruits one would expect from a mature believer, and has a heart given over to see North Carolina saturated with Day and Night Prayer.”

Nelson Radford, Founder of Goldboro’s House of Prayer and Co-Founder of East Carolina Prayer Furnace