Anyone who knows me knows I am a huge Google fan. I use Android phones (which is a running joke among my ministry buddies) – most recently the Google Pixel 2.

I use Gmail for email
Google Calendar for multiple calendars
Google Keep for my todo lists
Google Drive (docs, sheets, slides) for my cloud storage, word processing, spreadsheets and presentations
Google Maps for transportation
Google Hangouts for video conferencing
Google Music for backing up my old music
Google+ for…. just kidding, no one actually uses Google+!
Oh… and of course Google search too

I want to suggest Google products as the best way that you can get yourself and your business/ministry organized and working together better. As an individual that is as simple using the free Google services I listed above.

For a church, ministry or organization, Google an amazing product called G Suite that provides these services in a branded way for everyone in your organization. This is what we use with Burn 24-7, and it is an amazing resource for our 200+ Burn directors around the world! Check out the screen shot below. It is Gmail, but the Burn 24-7 logo is where the Gmail logo normally is.

G Suite Gmail Screen Shot

Here are a few key perks:

  • Login to Gmail using custom email addresses for your web site –
  • Sync Google calendars across your organization. Use multiple calendars for different rooms in your facility or for different departments in your organization.
  • Utilize Google Drive so all your documents and spreadsheets are on the cloud and can be edited anywhere, at any time. Documents can be easily shared and colleagues can collaborate.
  • A basic account includes 30Gb of space (on Drive and Gmail) for each user and a business-level account includes unlimited storage space

There are countless other uses for these phenomenonal products. No one has services that competes with Google on these key organizational apps for your company or ministry. Because everything in G Suite is on the cloud, users can access everything through their phone (iPhone or Android) or computer. And unlike the free Google products, it is only through G Suite that you can have a unified, branded system for all these vital apps for your organization.

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