Enthroned is the very first book from David Fritch, and it explores the theme of the Tabernacle of David.

The tabernacle of what?

Many Christians are more familiar with the tabernacle of Moses or even the temple of Solomon, but the tabernacle of David is a more obscure biblical theme. Enthroned reveals how important this nearly forgotten topic is to the kingdom of God.

“The house of prayer is a prophetic sign to the church to return back to their first love. There are many important and pressing issues of our day, but our greatest pursuit must be the presence of God. The restoration of the tabernacle of David is a love revolution. Love will restore, reform and heal broken hearts, churches, organizations and cities.” David Fritch

The tabernacle of David was established during the reign of King David, and included 33 years of day & night worship led by full-time musicians and singers under a tent in Jerusalem. Enthroned asserts that this worship was happening 24 hours a day, seven days a week – non-stop.

One of most interesting revelations in the book is when the author compares the worship of the tabernacle of David to the worship of heaven that is seen in the book of Revelation. The parallels are striking! Fritch unpacks the role that thanksgiving, worship, prayer and missions all play in God’s plan to establish His kingdom on the earth. He shows how the tabernacle of David is as much about God’s kingdom as it is about worship.

Unlike most people, I have spent quite some time studying the Tabernacle of David, and I have personally explored the limited number of books and resources currently available on the subject. Enthroned is an important addition to my collection of classic books on the Tabernacle of David such as The Power of God’s Presence by Graham Truscott and The Tabernacle of David by Kevin Connor. Compared to these older books, Enthroned is more readable and relevant for the modern-day Christian. It connects the restoration of the tabernacle of David to the current global prayer movement phenomenon that has emerged in the 21st century. What Truscott and Connor dreamed about in their books, David Fritch reports about in his.

Why I Like This Book

One of the enjoyable part of reading Enthroned is that it follows the narrative of David (Fritch)’s personal journey in discovering the truths that he teaches throughout the book. This provides a sense of “story” to the non-fiction book, and you find yourself learning without even trying! I finished the book in a few days with just a handful of sittings.

David Fritch approaches this subject with the heart of a teacher who wants to take his students down a journey of understanding and discovery. The book goes deep enough to provide rich revelation yet keeps you hooked with accessible stories and practical application.

Should You Read It?

Whether you are brand new to the tabernacle of David or well-studied like I was, you will find fresh revelation and joy from reading Enthroned. If you are passionate about the kingdom of God coming to the earth, worship, prayer or missions, then this book will rekindle fresh fire in your hearts!

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